My name is Franz, I'm 19, in college. Just trying to figure out where my life will take me. I love Beyoncé and Paramore.

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Partner, ring the alarm cuz you ain’t never seen a fire like the one I’m gonna cause…

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I was so close! Love On Top. On The Run. Dallas edition. 7.22.14 💙

Yes OMG!


dont forget it

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rock lee taking off his leg weights to fight gaara is one of the best moments in naruto



On The Run Tour in Chicago, IL (July 24th, 2014)

Anonymous: Stupid question but does Beyonce have any unreleased songs, like demos or songs that never made it onto albums? And do you have any links to them? Love your blog, keep stanning for Queen B! :)



Not stupid at all, her unreleased songs are AMAZING just click the titles to hear them:

back up / creole (On the Japanese B’Day Deluxe Album)

lost yo mind (itunes bonus - B’Day) / sexuality

a woman like me (Pink Panther Movie)

black culture / ice cream truck

baby you’re the only man / kick him out (next ex) / new shoes

forever to bleed / roc / slow love / stop sign / waiting / control

settle for you / poison / he’s my man

& thanks! stanning for the queen always and if you want the full list of her unreleased: here :)

Black Culture and Creole just made me a bigger fan.

You can weave a story from Ice Cream Truck/A Woman Like Me/Flaws & All.  Ice Cream Truck is one person in the process of falling hopelessly in love with someone, chasing them, but for whatever reason that person keeps them just close enough but won’t allow them in their heart. A Woman Like Me is the that person saying i recognize what’s happening but should warn you it’s going to be a rough road and i may not be what’s best for you because of the way i love… so you might want to think about it. It’s hard loving me. Then, Flaws & All is the result of them deciding to move forward… the one who was pursuing accepted what she said and decided it was worth it. The one being pursued allowed the other to get close and has fallen in love as well. 

still checking out links.

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